Request for Executive participation in an event

Event details
e.g. internal or external audience. If external, please give details.
Executive details

Please note draft speaking points will be required at least 7 days prior to the event. SCAPA speechwriters will review the speaking points and finesse around the individual speaker needs and typical key messages.

When a member of the Executive is being asked to host an event/play a significant role, invitations should come from the member of the Executive. SCAPA will help design and send invitations. Invitations should be sent out four weeks in advance.

VIP details

For the following VIPs, the letter of invitation is sent by the Vice-Chancellor. SCAPA will coordinate the invitation with the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.

  • Heads of state or government
  • Government ministers or senior officials
  • Members of parliament
  • Heads of mission
  • Chancellors or equivalent
  • Vice-Chancellors or equivalent
  • Senior public servants
  • High profile academics e.g. Professor or Dean
  • Chairpersons/chief executive officers of major organisations, and significant members of the public.
Contact details
Please note