Principles of Tutoring & Demonstrating

The PTD course is currently undergoing redevelopment and will return in early 2020.

Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating (PTD) is a course designed for those that tutor or demonstrate at the Australian National University.

All modules, except  Peer Observation (T6) & Evaluation and Reflective Practice (T9), will be held in the CHELT Seminar Room, Building 10T1.

Note that when places are limited priority will be given to students who are employed as an ANU tutor or demonstrator in the following 12 months.

You must select the modules you wish to attend. When demand is high, priority will be given to participants who select all 10 modules, and those with some teaching and/or supporting learning experience.

When you have fully participated in all ten modules, including posting eight reflective contributions online, you can apply for a Certificate of Completion.


  • T1 - Setting the Scene
  • T2 - Student Learning
  • T3 - Planning a Tutorial
  • T4 - Teaching Groups and Individuals
  • T5 - Dynamics and Diversity
  • T6 - Peer Observation
  • T7 - Introduction to Wattle for Tutors
  • T8 - Assessment and Marking
  • T9 - Evaluation and Reflective Practice
  • T10 - Troubleshooting - The Tutoring Toolkit
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