Principles of Tutoring & Demonstrating

Whether you are a new or experienced educator, walking into a classroom to teach can be daunting. At the Australian National University, Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating (PTD) is an introductory program to help you familiarise yourself with important aspects of learning and teaching, in the context of tutoring and demonstrating. At ANU, in addition to knowing logistics like dates, forms, and policy, you will need to develop a sense of who you are as a teacher. How will you prepare and run your lessons? How will you make them engaging? What evidence informs your teaching and what resources will you rely upon? In PTD, we will address these questions and much more. The key aim of the program is to help you to be an effective and reflective teacher.

Please note that if enrolment numbers are high, priority may be given to those who are currently teaching. By signing up to this program you are committing to the full two hour session.

Core Modules

  • T1 - Theories of Teaching
  • T2 - Planning a Lesson
  • T3 - Facilitation Skills
  • T4 - Facilitating Groups
  • T5 - Dynamics and Diversity
  • T6 - Assessment and Feedback
  • T7 - Peer Observation and Feedback (This is a two hour out-of-class session. No registration required)

Elective Modules

  • T5.1 - Inclusive Teaching (offered in semester 1)
  • T8 - Getting Started in Wattle (If you would like to attend this session, please register for it separately)


All two-hour sessions are held in the Seminar Room, Chancelry Building 10T1. The only exceptions are modules T7 and T8.  
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