ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme

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Whether you are academic, professional or clinical associate staff, on-campus or off-campus, full-time or sessional ... there's a path to a HEA fellowship open to you, and the EFS Team are just waiting to help you achieve that goal as quickly as possible!

Step 1

Complete the registration form below to get started.

Step 2

Information sessions are offered once a month. Register for a session, where helpful advice is given, along with the opportunity to meet the EFS mentors. We will help you understand what you need to do to develop your application for fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Step 3

Module E2, 'Developing your teaching philosophy' discusses how to write your teaching philosophy, and gives you the opportunity to listen to other fellows talk about their teaching philosophies. You will also receive tips on how to write your teaching philosophy for the EFS application.

Step 4

Module E3, 'Writing a reflective narrative' is an interactive session where the EFS mentors guide you through the process of writing your application "reflectively" in the context of the PSF. You will see some exemplars, spend time writing, and receive immediate feedback. There is no requirement to do steps 3 & 4 sequentially. 


All modules will be held in the CHELT Seminar Room, Chancelry Building 10T1.


  • E1 - Information Session
  • E2 - Developing your Teaching Philosophy
  • E3 - Writing a Reflective Narrative
  • E4 - Reflect and Write. (optional) Contact to register.
  • E5 - Receiving Feedback (by invitation only)
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To gain the most from module E3 you need to have attended an Information session first.
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