Writing with clarity and purpose

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Writing with clarity and purpose

So often, HDRs produce writing that fails to communicate adequately with readers. Research writing has different challenges from other kinds of writing: the concepts are very complex, the amount of information is vast, and the stakes are high. This workshop explores some of the key stumbling blocks that research writers come up against, and offers strategies for overcoming them. During the session, participants will work on their own writing to ensure they present their ideas effectively.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

·         Identify issues related to structuring your material

·         Understand how to clarify your argument

·         Demonstrate the use of authorial voice in writing

·         Understand how coherence and cohesion work in research writing

This workshop series is available to all HDR students. It is also part of the Science, Health and Medicine Career Development Framework program and can be counted as a valid activity. All these workshops will help you earn CDS points!