Understanding Unconscious Bias (EDHR03)

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Who should attend

All academic and professional staff  

Workshop Overview

Unconscious bias exists outside our awareness. Despite our best efforts to be fair and transparent, it can unconsciously influence our decision-making.  It is important that everyone is able to identify potential unconscious biases and how they impact our behaviour and interactions with others.

This half day interactive workshop will help all staff to look beyond unconscious bias, develop skills and strategies to interrupt and minimise the impact of unconscious bias and tap into and achieve the most from the diverse talents of one’s team.

Workshop Topics

Participants will explore the following areas:

  • Unconscious bias: what is it? and what are some of the bias ‘hot spots’?
  • Why is it important to address unconscious bias?
  • How to identify your own unconscious biases and how they impact your behaviour?
  • What skills and strategies can we utilise to interrupt and minimise the impact of unconscious bias?
  • Benefits of addressing bias including improved participation and workplace performance.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and identify unconscious bias;
  • Confidently apply your knowledge of unconscious bias to uncover, highlight and minimise the negative impacts of unconscious bias;
  • Create a more participatory, positive team culture, build better team relationships and improve performance.

Training Facilitator

This workshop will be delivered by an expert facilitator from Beasley Intercultural.

What participants have said about the program:

  • Thought provoking and a great new skill set to add to the tool box. This is, using diversity and inclusion to strengthen relationships and to insert mindfulness in your daily routine, in both work and personal life
  • Great topic to raise awareness, this unconscious bias training will be effective in our workplace
  • Interesting, relevant and fascinating
  • Amazing!  A lot of A-HA! Moments.  Well worth attending.  I know I've learnt a lot and now have some practical tools to help me relate better to others


Please email staffdiversity@anu.edu.au for further information.

Cancellation Fee

Please email staffdiversity@anu.edu.au for further information.

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