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Students can practice using Turnitin, learn about originality reports, and improve their writing and referencing with this online site.

The text-matching software Turnitin is used by almost all the courses at ANU, but understanding the originality reports can be difficult. Now there are new online resources to help students understand their reports and improve their resources. Created by the Academic Skills and Learning Centre and ANU Online, the ASLC Turnitin Practice Site gives students a space to practice and learn separate from their course sites.

This Wattle site can help students do two things:

  1. Students can upload draft assignments to Turnitin and see their originality reports. It is not connected to their course sites, and will not impact their originality score once it is submitted as their assignment.
  2. Students can learn about what their originality report means, and when they may or may not need to revise their work.

The site has six modules designed to help students get more out of Turnitin's text-matching features. It has short videos and lessons on how to interpret originality reports, reference more effectively, and improve quoting and paraphrasing skills.

All are welcome to take a look, and encourage students to enrol.

Just click on the "Enrol in Online Course" button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Once you are logged in to Wattle, just click on "Enrol me" and you are ready to go.


Use these resources in your own courses

The modules in this course can also be used by lecturers in their own courses. They can be easily imported into your own Wattle course sites for students to use. You can access and copy the resources from this Wattle site:

Access Turnitin Teaching Resources


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