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Update to TEL certificate

The Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education Certificate is not being run at the moment. If you would like to be the first to know when it is back on, email to express your interest.

You can read more about how the certificate works below. We encourage you to keep working through the ANU Coffee Course modules, and to keep posting comments to the different blogs. When we reactivate the certificate, these posts will count towards your application. At that point, we will provide you with more information on how to enrol and how to write your final reflection.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

– ANU Coffee Course Team


Build your own qualification in Technology-Enhanced Learning 

This certificate program brought to you bythe Centre for Learning and Teaching is fully online and self-paced, and allows you to complete the modules in any order, in your own time. To obtain the certificate, you must complete 10 Coffee Courses on a range of topics, write a short reflection, and apply for your certificate.


Why do the certificate?

If you are seeking to improve your skills and knowledge relating to teaching and learning, and technology-enhanced learning in particular, this certificate is for you. By completing the modules, you will have demonstrated significant professional learning in this area that can be shared with colleagues and employers. The reflection you complete is valuable for your professional learning and development too. ANU offers an internationally-accredited program for professional recognition based on reflective writing; to learn more please visit ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme.

And finally, we offer this certificate to recognise all the amazing contributions and hard work that you, the participants, have invested in the Coffee Courses since their inception in 2016.


How to register your interest

Email: to register your interest.

The online courses are delivered using the ANU Coffee Courses blog. You can complete the Coffee Courses in any order, at any time. Each course will contain 3 to 5 blog posts with embedded activities and discussion questions. Participants wishing to obtain the certificate must contribute a substantive comment to each blog post and submit a final reflection. 


Certificate eligibility

The TEL in Higher Education Certificate is available for all members of ANU staff, including academics, professional staff, tutors, demonstrators, librarians, higher degree research students, and others. Unfortunately, at this time it is only available to participants who are currently ANU staff.

This certificate is ideal for anyone who has participated in several Coffee Courses already and is looking for more comprehensive recognition of their engagement with professional learning and development around technology-enhanced learning.


Further information: ANU Coffee Courses

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