Spice up your academic CV

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Spice up your academic CV and get that postdoc job

Research on academic job ads show that universities are looking for an extremely broad set of skills and attributes when looking to hire early career researchers. These range from ‘soft skills’ such as pastoral care, team-work and networking, to highly technical skills in teaching and research. Many of these skills are not, by default, developed as part of the PhD experience, especially if your focus has been primarily on developing your dissertation. In this workshop we will critically examine these skill sets and think about how you might go about developing and evidencing them to future academic employers.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have developed an appreciation for the wide range of skills and attributes required of early career researchers and why university employers are looking for them.
  • Started to review your own CV and identify gaps and opportunities
  • Understand the academic recruitment process so that you can approach the task of looking for a job with increased confidence

This workshop series is available to all HDR students. It is also part of the Science, Health and Medicine Career Development Framework program and can be counted as a valid activity. All these workshops will help you earn CDS points!