Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating

The Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating course is currently undergoing redevelopment and will return in early 2020.

Principles of Tutoring and Demonstrating (PTD) is a course designed for those that tutor or demonstrate at the Australian National University, and is ideal for those wanting a broad introduction to university teaching in the context of tutoring and demonstrating. The key aim of the course is help tutors and demonstrators to be both effective and reflective in their role as tutors or demonstrator at ANU. The course comprises of TEN modules, and runs either as an intensive two-week course prior to the beginning of the semester or over a period of 5-8 weeks during each semester.

Participants of PTD are usually early-career academics with some teaching responsibilities (e.g. PhD student, graduate training assistant, contract post-doc); new to HE teaching, have a limited teaching portfolio or teach part-time or have a role as a demonstrator/technician with some teaching responsibilities, or support teaching/learning (e.g. as a learning technologist or learning resource staff member).

Priority will be given to students who are employed as tutors and demonstrators during semester; and those who have undertaken local College tutor programs and wish to also acquire the University PTD certificate and undertake the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme.

Learning Outcomes

The specific outcomes of the PTD are that tutors will be able to:

  • Locate their own ideas of “tutoring” in the context of building a culture of academic excellence at ANU and consider their personal identity as a tutor and educator as reflected in a statement summarising their philosophy of teaching and learning.
  • Compare different theories of teaching and conceptions of learning and use them as lens to examine their own approach to tutoring and demonstrating.
  • Apply effective lesson planning principles to the design of tutorial activities in their own discipline.
  • Evaluate and select “fit for purpose” teaching strategies.
  • Engage in the Professional Values as reflected in UKPSF
    • Respect and value individuals and the diversity of learners while also recognizing the challenges and opportunities diversity affords
    • Promote participation in higher education and equality of opportunity for learners
    • Use evidence-informed approaches and the outcomes from research, scholarship and continuing professional development
    • Acknowledge the wider context in which higher education operates recognising the implications for professional practice
  • Analyse digital tools for the enhancement of learning
  • Choose evaluation methods that will elicit data that can be used to improve their teaching
  • Mark students work in a reliable and valid manner and provide feedback that will improve learning

Participants successfully complete the course when they engage in all ten modules AND record their substantive reflections on the Wattle site. Those who successfully complete the PTD will receive a (non-award) Certificate denoting their participation and successful completion of the course.

Those who have a minimum of one year of tutoring or demonstrating experience and are able to compile their PTD reflections into a portfolio (no more than 3000 words) will be considered for the award of an Associate Fellow in the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) if they can demonstrate:

Successful engagement in at least two of the five Areas of Activity (A1 Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study. A2 Teach and/or support learning. A3 Assess and give feedback to learners. A4 Develop effective learning environments and approaches to student support and guidance. A5 Engage in continuing professional development in subjects/disciplines and their pedagogy, incorporating research, scholarship and the evaluation of professional practices), with description and reflection of relevant teaching practices

  • Appropriate core knowledge and understanding of their subject material (this can be addressed by a short written reference from their course convener)
  • A commitment to all appropriate Professional Values in facilitating others’ learning
  • Evidence of good beginning practices in subject-related pedagogical scholarship and evidence-based practice.
  • A description of how the PTD (and/or other relevant Professional Development) has impacted on their practice.


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Free of charge for Australian National University research students.

Please note a no show/cancellation fee of $50.00 per person per module will be charged where notification of non-attendance is not received within 48 hours of the module commencement date.


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Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion, relevant to applications for Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, will be provided to those who attend all ten modules AND provide at least 8 substantive reflections on the Wattle site.