Mental Health First Aid Network

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ANU employees that attend Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training can be part of a network and receive updates on information and research in this area. Participation in this network is voluntary. Employees who have attended training during 2015, and who are willing to provide general advice and assistance, are provided below.

March course attendees

  1. Nina De Caritat de Peruzzis, School of Engineering
  2. Elaine Ai Ling Ee, CAP College Administration
  3. Francesca Foppoli, School of Literature Language & Linguistic
  4. Sue Galbraith, Legal Office
  5. Beverley Jende, Work Environment Group
  6. Heather Jenks, Scholarly Information Services
  7. Tshoki Khandu, Financial & Admin Services
  8. Hwi-Young Lee, Organic Chemistry
  9. Simon Ramsey, School of Art
  10. Franz Schroedl, School of Art
  11. Torsten Schwich, School Administration
  12. Suzannah Streatfield, Chemistry Teaching
  13. Izza Tan, CS Student Administration
  14. Carol Taylor, Organic Chemistry
  15. Rachel Vance Legal Office
  16. Carmen Voigt-Graf, Crawford School Research
  17. Julie Watson, Fenner School of Environment and Society

April course attendees

  1. Emma Beer, Drill Hall Gallery
  2. Aurore Chow, Strategic & Defence Studies
  3. Marie Cifuentes, Inorganic Chemistry
  4. Vincent Craig, Applied Mathematics
  5. Justin Donley, Work Environment Group
  6. Liza Flanagan, Student Services
  7. Thu-Huong Le, CAP College Administration
  8. Kirsten McKinnon, CAP College Administration
  9. Trina Merrell, School of Computer Science
  10. Marina Naumoska, Research School of Management
  11. Zachary Org, Risk & Audit
  12. Paulina Piira, CAP College Administration
  13. Anthony Regan, State Society & Governance
  14. Sofia Samper Carro, School of Culture History & Language
  15. Roy Schmid, Work Environment Group
  16. Kulveer Singh, CAP IT Services
  17. Janet Street, AusAid
  18. Patricia Sullivan, IPS General
  19. Felix Venn, School of Engineering
  20. Kitti Whitworth, ANU National Security College
  21. Tuan Yew, Student Recruit Alumni & Scholarships

May course attendees

  1. Ljiljana Argy, College of Asia and the Pacific
  2. Astrid Bardelang, College of Business and Economics
  3. Maureen Brauers, College of Engineering and Computer Science
  4. Andrew Fitzpatrick, Student Administration
  5. Alison Francis, College of Asia and the Pacific
  6. Rana Ganguly, Research School of Physics and Engineering
  7. Timothy Gray, Human Resources Division
  8. Cathy Haberle, Research School of Management
  9. Roze Hisham, College of Asia and the Pacific
  10. Leanne Holgate, Scholarly Information Services
  11. Amy Kerr-Menz, College of Arts and Social Sciences
  12. David McLean, Student Administration
  13. Rebecca Moss, Student Administration
  14. Samantha Powell, Research Management
  15. Janette Rawlinson, Research School of Computer Science
  16. Amy Seath, College of Asia and the Pacific
  17. Sandra Walters, College of Asia and the Pacific
  18. Karen Warnes, College of Asia and the Pacific
  19. Yvonne Wisbey, College of Law
  20. Ida Wu, College of Asia and the Pacific

June course attendees

  1. Joanne Allen, CAP College Administration
  2. Adele Cameron, School of Art
  3. Mauro Davanzo, Fenner School of Environment and
  4. Elspeth Davies, School of Computer Science
  5. Samantha Gorrell, Administration
  6. Jodi Hamilton, CAP College Administration
  7. Maxine Harrison, CAP College Administration
  8. Sian Hicks, CS Research Management
  9. James Holland, School of Art
  10. Suzanne Knight, Research School of Humanities & the Arts
  11. Courtney Lawless, HR Corporate Services - F&S
  12. Vance Lawrence, Chemistry Teaching
  13. Vincci Lee, ANU Student
  14. Michael Lorenzato, Financial Services
  15. Francesca Luzzi, Financial Services
  16. Barbara McConchie, School of Art
  17. Catherine Morris, CAP College Administration
  18. Lucy Ochieng, Work Environment Group
  19. Benjamin Paine, Administration
  20. Fiona Petersen, Administration Manager, Tjabal Centre
  21. Jennah Robichaud, CAP College Administration
  22. Penelope Swan, CASS Administration
  23. Agata Walsh, HR Systems
  24. Susan West Moreau, HR Systems

July course attendees

  1. Adele Anderson Work Environment Group
  2. Wilfred Brandt Academic Skills and Learning Centre
  3. Michael Earl Division of Student Life
  4. Hunter English CAP College Administration
  5. Marilee Farrer ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
  6. James Fellows CECS Administration
  7. Mary Gray Research Management
  8. Maddison Hope ANU Health Services
  9. Penelope Judd CAP College Administration
  10. Marina Lobastov CECS Administration
  11. Krishna Mamouney CECS Administration
  12. Kylee McClatchey Human Resources Division
  13. Vivien Silvey Academic Skills and Learning Centre
  14. Samuel Taylor ANU Student
  15. Joanna Tutty Academic Skills and Learning Centre
  16. Hisako Yamauchi CAP College Administration
  17. Nahyon Yoon College of Law