Managing your milestones

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Managing your milestones: why do researchers run out of time?

When you start your PhD there seems to be a lot of time to get things done, yet most HDR candidates do not finish on time. How can you manage your candidature so that you meet your milestones on time and achieve your own research goals, within four years? In this workshop we will focus on what successful candidates do. We’ll discuss the ideal timeline of candidature and the multiple variations that are possible. We’ll explore the factors that tend to impede progress and strategies for managing your way around common candidature obstacles. Finally, we will explore how to use digital tools to support your own research and writing workflows and juggle competing priorities. If you sometimes finish your day thinking you have done virtually nothing to progress your PhD, and you are worried about it, this workshop is for you.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the key milestones in candidature (and the expectations on you)
  • Recognise barriers to successful completion
  • Apply project planning tool and techniques to your own research project

This workshop series is available to all HDR students. It is also part of the Science, Health and Medicine Career Development Framework program and can be counted as a valid activity. All these workshops will help you earn CDS points!