Human Ethics & ARIES training

This video explains what you need to know when submitting your first human ethics application at ANU. Please watch the video prior to beginning your application. We also recommend you complete the online Privacy Awareness Training course available through Pulse. 

  • 00:46 Part 1: Using the Ethics Website
  • 13:45 Part 2: Information Sheets and Consent Forms
  • 20:45 Part 3: Writing an ARIES application

Resources mentioned in the video:

The Human Ethics ARIES Manual has quick outlines of the steps to create, edit and submit a protocol in ARIES. Please note that the manual only has basic instructions on a few common areas and is not a substitute for the training video. 

PLEASE NOTE: In-person ARIES training is cancelled until further notice. Please watch the ARIES training video above before creating an ethics application. If you have further questions, you can email us to request a Zoom or phone consultation.
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