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How to write...
Join Professor Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer) for a series of advanced writing tutorials, all drawn from the book 'How to fix your academic writing trouble', which she authored with Dr Katherine Firth and Shaun Lehmann. 
'How to Fix your academic writing trouble' is a clear and accessible guide to decoding academic feedback. The book is designed to help you interpret what your research supervisor is really trying to tell you about what is wrong with your writing - and show you how to fix it. 
In this series of one hour, evening sessions, Inger will take you through a range of techniques and strategies from the book and help you take your writing to the next level. Along the way you'll learn why academic text looks the way it does, and how to produce that `authoritative scholarly voice' that everyone talks about. 
This series is particularly suitable for people who have messy drafts of thesis writing they want to turn into examiner-ready text. Inger is running these sessions after hours: from 7pm to 8pm on weeknights so people with work commitments during the day can attend:
5 July     | How to write faster
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Since 2006, Professor Inger Mewburn has worked exclusively with PhD students and early career academics, helping them finish complex research projects with (very) demanding stakeholders. She’s passionate about people reaching their potential as researchers and helping create a kinder, more inclusive academy. 
Inger is currently the Director of Researcher Development at The Australian National University where she oversees professional development workshops and programs for all ANU researchers. Aside from creating new posts on the Thesis Whisperer blog, she writes scholarly papers, books and book chapters about research education, with a special interest in post-PhD employability.