HDR Stress survival kit

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HDR Stress survival kit

This workshop is part of the Resilient Researcher program which is designed to support HDR candidates and ECR's throughout their research by building and maintaining psychological wellbeing, enhancing communication and relationship skills and developing career confidence.  It is also part of the Science, Health and Medicine Career Development Framework program and can be counted as a valid activity.

This Webinar supports you in:

➢ Understanding stress and research stressors
➢ Daily actions for stress protection
➢ How to managing during stressful times

This Webinar is hosted by Dr Shari Walsh. Shari is an experienced psychologist and career development practitioner who utilises an holistic approach when working with clients. Shari is highly skilled in individual counselling, couples counselling, group workshops and seminars, and project work. Shari has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a PhD in Psychology from the Queensland University of Technology. She has worked as a psychology teacher, tutor, researcher, mentor, counsellor and career development practitioner.

These webinars are presenting via Zoom and scheduled Australian Eastern Standard Time. Current Offset: UTC/GMT +10 hours.

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