Fire Safety Training

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The Australian national University policy states that all University buildings will have an Emergency Control Organisation (ie a Fire Warden structure). The policy also requires that all members of an ECO be appropriately trained.

The University offers the following training for staff, courses includes:

  • Emergency Control Organisation Training for ANU wardens.  Delivered 4 times a year with an external provider via webinar or presented in person, incorporating:
    • Fire
    • Chemical spills
    • Bomb threats
    • Suspicious packages
    • White powder incidents
    • Active shooter awareness
    • Failure of building services or building structure
    • Medical emergencies
    • Warden duties
  • Ad-hoc Fire extinguisher training.  Contact Fire and Emegency officer for details.
  • Evacuation Exercises.  Contact Fire and Emergency officer to schedule
  • Emergency Control Point training.  Contact Fire Emergency officer to schedule (please request when booking an Evacuation Exercise.)
  • Emergency Planning Committee training  (minimum of 5 persons to engage provider). Contact Fire Emergency officer for details.

All trainings are provided by a qualified external provider and may be co presented by the ANU Fire and Emergency officer.