Engaging Students Online

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Learn about engaging students online in this short course.

CLT is offering professional development for teachers called ANU Coffee Courses. These short, fully online courses can be done in just 10 minutes a day, while you have a quick coffee (or tea) break.

Engaging Students Online

More and more material is being put online for students to use, but are they engaging with it? It’s a common scenario for discussion forums to remain empty, and for teachers to be unsure if students are using the material they are putting online. How can you foster student activity, conversation, and engagement in your online courses?

This coffee course will discuss strategies for encouraging and facilitating student engagement in your course sites. It will investigate the differences between online and face-to-face learning, and explore how to involve students more in their online learning. Participants will learn: techniques for adapting classroom activities for online, how to develop successful online activities, how to communicate effectively online, and to effectively build sustained engagement in online courses.

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The dates for this course will be publicised through the ANU Coffee Courses Blog.

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