Building Mental Toughness & Peak Performance Under Pressure (SDHR25)

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Who should attend

This course is designed for any staff member wanting to learn strategies to build their mental toughness and perform at their best when under pressure.

Course Overview

Work can be very stressful at times and sometimes you can feel as if you want to give up.  This workshop looks at how to maintain a high level of performance when under pressure.

This half day program will help you to

  • Understand the impact that stress can have on your performance and how stress can be an enabler or inhibitor to performance
  • Understand what mental toughness is and how to optimise your personal performance when under pressure.
  • Identify what makes you stressed and how to recognise when you need to deploy strategies to manage it
  • Learn practical mental skills to manage stress and help you to perform at your best when under pressure

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own triggers of stress and know how to manage their responses to stress so that their performance is not impacted
  • Use practical skills to increase their mental toughness and maintain their performance when under pressure

Provider Bio

This workshop will be delivered by a registered psychologist from Communicorp, a consultancy who specialise in creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.


$215.00 per participant

The following charges will apply for non-attendance at a workshop with cost unless the registrant nominates a colleague (who meets the eligibility criteria for the course) to attend in their place.

  1. Notification of cancellation received within 0 – 5 working days of the course date will incur a charge equivalent to 100% of course fees
  2. Notification of cancellation received within 6 – 10 working days of the course date will incur a charge equivalent to 50% of course fees

Please note for non-attendance due to illness or caring responsibilities, reasonable evidence will be required to waive the non-attendance fee.


To apply for this course; ANU staff should enrol via HORUS and students via ISIS.

A requirement of the registration process is to discuss and obtain the following from your supervisor:

  • Approval to attend the training program; and
  • Local area charging code
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