Beyond Plan B

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Beyond Plan B: finding a non-academic research job when you finish your PhD

Over 60% of research degree graduates exit academia on completion of their degree. The majority of the graduates who stay face a future of insecure work and time limited contracts. Increasingly, people are looking to leave - but what is next? What can you do now to prepare yourself for your future career outside academia? What options are available to you and how should you go about the job search? More importantly, how are you going to make a living out of your research skills now and into the future, while facing conditions of uncertainty?

In this workshop we will look at the research showing the demand for researchers outside the academy and help you start planning now for your future career - whatever it might be.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the job market for researchers outside academia
  • Increased confidence about your ability to find work that interests you
  • Have a few new tools and strategies to approach the non academic job market

This workshop series is available to all HDR students. It is also part of the Science, Health and Medicine Career Development Framework program and can be counted as a valid activity. All these workshops will help you earn CDS points!