Becoming a productive writer (Honours Edition) with the Thesis Whisperer.

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Becoming a productive writer (Honours Edition) with the Thesis Whisperer.

This two day, intensive workshop is designed by the Research Skills and Training team and funded by ANUSA to support your honours thesis writing. The honours thesis is a very substantial piece of writing and needs to be approached differently from a standard essay. Even highly successful undergraduate writers can stumble trying to produce an honours thesis because it's not just a matter of 'scaling up', but learning a whole new way of working. In fact, being a great 'just in time' essay writer can be a distinct disadvantage as a research writer because you can bring along 'fossilised' habits that no longer work for this challenge. Productive academic writers have a number of 'tricks of the trade' which make their writing projects much more efficient. Learning these skills early in the year will give you a significant advantage later on, especially when you are under pressure to produce a large amount of work. So come along and immerse yourself in our intensive ‘writing studio’ (based on our successful thesis boot camp program) where you will learn the secrets of highly productive academic writers. Along the way you’ll pick up a range of tactics and strategies to help you be the boss of your thesis.

Workshop dates are 8 and 9 May 2017, 9 am to 5pm.

Register your interested here, applications close on the 26 April. Places will be offered on 28 April.

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