Academic Leadership in Teaching & Learning

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Academic Leadership in Teaching and Learning (AL) comprises a series of eight modules of professional development activities that are designed to help participants extend and enrich their repertoire of leadership capabilities.


The AL modules are open to ANU academic and professional staff who have, or would like to have, formal or informal leadership roles related to teaching and learning at ANU.

The modules are suited to:

  • Heads of academic units;
  • All academics (Levels A to E) who:  Have oversight of academic programs, are course convenors and are chairs of HDR supervisory panels;
  • Academic staff wanting to explore issues of managing (self and others) in a university context;
  • Researchers seeking ideas on leading research groups, lab groups etc;
  • Professional staff with roles that intersect with academic units;
  • Research-focused academics adding a teaching leadership role to their activities.


Guiding models and values

  • Models and theories of leadership
  • Leadership in the academic context
  • Leadership values and purposes
  • The leadership mindset
  • The capabilities and qualities required for leadership

A mindful approach to leadership development

  • Reviewing your repertoire of capabilities and qualities
  • Identifying leadership strengths and growing edges
  • Using reflective practice and action learning to build your leadership capabilities and qualities
  • Coaching skills – for use in self-coaching and in supporting the learning of your colleagues in the program

Managing and leading yourself

  • Clarifying your values and priorities
  • Framing your leadership purposes and goals
  • Aligning your choices and actions with your values and priorities
  • Managing your mindset and feelings, so that they support rather than derail you in handling leadership challenges
  • Developing supportive self-coaching practices

Influencing others

  • Understanding the people you wish to influence
  • Framing your influencing goals
  • Deciding on the best influencing methods
  • Using situational judgement and your values to choose the best influencing method
  • The ingredients of persuasive communication
  • Using coaching skills to influence change
  • Emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Managing your mindset and feelings in challenging conversations
  • Responding constructively to pushback and resistance

Module structure

For each module, participants will receive notes and readings a week before the module session. These include reflective activities to be completed before the module session. The session then provides an opportunity to debrief on your reflections.

Thus, each AL module requires pre-session reading and reflection.

Each module session includes a variety of participatory learning activities to deepen your understanding of the module topics and to practice the skills covered in the module.

Learning Outcomes

The AL modules provide opportunities for participants to extend and enrich their repertoire of leadership capabilities. Participants will be encouraged to use reflective practice (including the action learning cycle) between sessions to apply and extend their learning.

Across all AL modules, key themes will include:

  • developing the self-management and self-leadership skills required for leading others
  • aligning one's leadership with a clearly articulated model of leadership, including a set of clear leadership values and principles
  • developing a broad repertoire of capabilities and the situational judgment to choose the best approach for a particular challenge
  • the flexibility and agility to operate with a variety of leadership models, perspectives and styles.


Free of charge for Australian National University staff.

Please note a no show/cancellation fee of $50.00 per person per module will be charged where notification of non-attendance is not received within 48 hours of the module commencement date.


Register for the AL modules via the black "Register now" button at the top right of this page.

Certificate of Completion

If you have attended eight AL modules, and completed the required reflective elements, you can apply for a Certificate of Completion. You should allow up to 30 hours of face to face and private time to participate sufficiently to gain a Certificate. There is no time limit on participating in all eight modules : you simply apply for your Certificate of Completion when you have completed the requisite modules and reflections.