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Type Title Category
Book Considering conversation analysis » Writing, Reading
Book The methodology (of ethnography) » Writing, Reading
Book Qualitative methodology and health research » Research communication, Writing
Book Gathering rich data » Reading, Writing
Book Invitation to grounded theory » Writing, Reading
Article How to publish your journal paper » Research communication, Writing
Article 11 rules of writing, grammar, and punctuation » Writing
Book Creativity within qualitative research on families: new ideas for old methods » Writing
Book Introduction to research methods in education » Writing
Book Analyzing the structure and substance of hypotheses » Writing
Book Concepts, variables, and research problems » Writing
Book Ethical issues in conducting research » Writing
Book Identifying a research problem and question, and searching relevant literature » Writing
Book The research process » Writing
Book Research in education » Writing
Book Overview of the self-study research process: what and how » Writing, Productivity
Book Understanding self-study research: what and why » Writing, Reading
Book Mixed methods in research methods in education » Writing
Book The multimethod approach and its promise » Writing
Book Formulating research problems » Writing
Book A sociologist among economists: some thoughts on methods, positionality, and subjectivity » Writing
Book Skirting a pleated text: de-disciplining an academic life » Writing, Productivity
Book Art practice as research » Writing
Book Artist as theorist » Writing
Book Explanation, understanding, and beyond » Writing
Book Organizational identity and identification during a departmental reorganization » Writing
Book Struggling with theory: a beginning scholar's experience with Mazzoni's arena models » Writing
Book Researching young people's lives: an introduction » Writing
Book Finding the objects to study » Writing
Book An introduction to research » Writing