Software Commercialisation handbook


The Software Commercialisation handbook has been developed for staff and students of the Australian National University who need support through the various stages of software development and commercialisation.

The handbook focuses on software-specific commercialisation matters and issues. It highlights the common activities associated with these stages and emphasises the important factors a creator needs to consider/address during each stage. 

The stages addressed in this handbook are:

  • Stage 1: Research and development (normal research activities of creators at the University)
  • Stage 2: Software innovation (disclosure of an invention to BEC – types of IP, IP ownership and protection)
  • Stage 3: Pre-release (factors a creator should consider prior to publishing/releasing their software)
  • Stage 4: Release (commercial pathways/opportunities a creator can explore)
  • Stage 5: Post-Release (how to manage a software product/service, once published/released)

A separate handbook detailing the technology transfer practices of BEC - regarding any invention established from University IP - is available here. 

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