Invention disclosure

Are you an ANU researcher working on an innovative research project that you feel may have commercial potential?

To get the process started, the first step is to disclose your invention to Innovation ANU using the Invention Disclosure Form.

Invention Disclosure Form

This form is a confidential description of your invention, including the novel aspects of your invention, the critical solution it provides, advantages over existing technologies, as well as an outline of the circumstances of its development. The information provided in this form will enable Innovation ANU to evaluate the commercial potential of your invention and, where relevant, allow us to start working with you to develop an appropriate commercial strategy.

Please try to complete as much of the form as possible. Our team can provide advice and assistance with completing your Invention Disclosure. Or, if your project is still in its very early stages and you would just like to arrange a preliminary discussion with our team to discuss your options, you can instead complete the Innovation Opportunity Contact form.

Upon completion of your Invention Disclosure Form, submit the form, along with any supporting documents, to

Disclosure before exposure

If you wish to pursue commercialisation of your invention, you should disclose it to Innovation ANU as early as possible and well before sharing details of the invention through publications, posters, conferences, press releases or other public communications. Public disclosure of your invention may negatively impact upon the ability to protect it through patenting and/or reduce its future commercial potential.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your form, our team will perform a preliminary assessment of your invention and will be in touch with you to discuss further - this process typically takes two to four weeks.

If it is determined that there is enough commercial potential to pursue further, we will then work closely with you to perform a detailed assessment of the invention, in relation to the existing market, potential competitors, customers and partners, and explore possible routes to market. We will also consider the appropriate IP protection strategy and undertake a preliminary patent search to determine if the IP is protectable and/or valuable.

To learn more about the technology transfer process, check out our Technology Transfer Handbook.

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