Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

"Over the next two years we will undertake a significant program to transform how the University supports and enables our researchers to conduct world-class research. The Research Information Management System Program (RIMS Program) will be researcher-centric, remove administration and barriers to conducting research, and is a key tool to enable delivery high quality research support services to our researchers.

A major goal of the University Research and Innovation Plan is to ensure our exceptional staff and students are provided with the research environment support, structure and opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. This means providing them with the tools and support they need to conduct the full spectrum of research activities from application for funding through to publication of and dissemination of research outcomes.  The first phase of the Program is redesigning the processes that support Human, Animal and rDNA Ethics approvals.

As the Executive Sponsor, I am committed to the success of this Program and to ensure that the views and expertise of the ANU community are considered. I encourage you to actively participate in the design and implementation of the RIMS Program by providing your suggestions. I thank you for your support and contribution. The RIMS Program team and I look forward to receiving your input."