Research Systems Access

The Research Systems Team provide support in providing ANU staff and students with relevant access to ANU Research Systems.

Please submit your access request from the following links:


ARIES – Research Management System providing support for grants, publications and ethics

Investigator or Author (Academic Staff, Researchers, Postgraduates and Undergraduates)

Research Support and Management (Heads of School, College Research Offices, RSD, F&BS and other Business Units)


Costing, Pricing and Approval (CPA) Tool – providing grant costings prior to application submission

For access request, please email us with a written approval from your local Research Office.


Researchers Page – website allowing staff and the public to search for details on researcher profiles and research outputs. Researchers are able to edit certain details on this page

This page will automatically create for an academic member of staff once they have research outputs entered into the ARIES Research Management System. Access to this system is granted by using your ANU UID credentials.


Research Professional – search engine for sourcing new funding opportunities


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