Publication output types & categories

There are many categories within each research output type. The Publications Collection User Guide provides a detailed explanation of each research output type and category.

The list below summarises the output types and categories and indicates those eligible for HERDC and for ERA.

Research output type Category Publication HERDC ERA
  A1 Authored book meeting HERDC requirements * *
  A2 Authored book not HERDC-eligible    
  A3 Authored book, revision or new edition    
  A4 Edited book    
  A5 Authored book not meeting other criteria    
  ExtA1 HERDC authored book not researched at ANU   *
  ExtA2 Authored book, not HERDC, not done at ANU    
  ExtA4 Edited book not researched at ANU    
Book chapter
  B1 Chapter meeting HERDC requirements * *
  B2 Chapter not eligible for HERDC    
  B3 Revised book chapter    
  B5 Published chapter not meeting other criteria    
  ExtB1 HERDC chapter not researched at ANU   *
  ExtB2 Non HERDC chapter not researched at ANU    
  ExtB3 Revised chapter not researched at ANU    
Journal article
  C1 Journal article meeting HERDC requirements * *
  C2 Non refereed article in scholarly journal    
  C3 Letter, note etc in scholarly journal    
  C4 Editor of scholarly journal    
  C5 Non-refereed short journal contribution    
  C99 Article imported from Scopus/ other Database    
  ExtC1 HERDC journal article not researched at ANU   *
  ExtC2 Journal article not HERDC, not at ANU    
  ExtC4 Editor of journal, not done at ANU    
Reference work
  D1 Entry in prestigious reference work    
  D2 Entry in minor reference work    
  ExtD1 Entry in major work, not researched at ANU    
  ExtD2 Entry in ref work, not researched at ANU    
Conference paper
  E1 Conference paper meeting HERDC requirements * *
  E2 Written version of conference presentation    
  E3 Abstract or extract of paper    
  E4 Edited conference proceedings    
  E5 Conference paper not meeting other criteria    
  E99 Conference paper created from Scopus upload    
  ExtE1 HERDC Conference paper, not done at ANU   *
  ExtE2 Conference paper not HERDC, not done at ANU    
  ExtE4 Edited conference proceedings, not at ANU    
XAudiovisual material
  F1 Audio visual: documentary or non-creative work    
Software - Computer program
  G1 Computer program, innovative, commercial    
  G2 Computer program, not commercial    
  ExtG1 Computer program not developed at ANU    
  I1 Patent eligible for HERDC (2001 only)    
  I2 Granted Patent   *
  I5 Provisional patent    
  I6 Plant Breeder's Rights   *
  I7 Registered design   *
  I8 NHMRC endorsed guidelines   *
Creative work: original work
  J1 Visual art work ERA eligible   *
  J1n Visual art work not ERA eligible    
  J2 Design/architectural work ERA eligible   *
  J2n Design/architectural work not ERA eligible    
  J3 Textual work ERA eligible   *
  J3n Textual work not ERA eligible    
  J4 Other original creative work ERA eligible   *
  J4n Other original creative work not ERA eligible    
Creative work: live performance
  J5 Music ERA eligible   *
  J5n Music not ERA eligible    
  J6 Play ERA eligible   *
  J6n Play not ERA eligible    
  J7 Dance ERA eligible   *
  J7n Dance not ERA eligible    
  J8 Other performance ERA eligible   *
  J8n Other performance not ERA eligible    
  J9 Film, video ERA eligible   *
  J9n Film, video not ERA eligible    
  J10 Recorded Performance ERA eligible   *
  J10n Recorded Performance not ERA eligible    
  J11 Inter-arts ERA eligible   *
  J11n Inter-arts not ERA eligible    
  J12 Digital creative work ERA eligible   *
  J12n Digital creative work not ERA eligible    
  J13 Website/Web exhibition ERA eligible   *
  J13n Website/Web exhibition not ERA eligible    
  J14 Other recorded or rendered work ERA eligible   *
  J14n Other recorded or rendered work not ERA eligible    
Creative work: curated exhibition or event
  J15 Web-based exhibition ERA eligible   *
  J15n Web-based exhibition not ERA eligible    
  J16 Exhibition or Event ERA eligible   *
  J16n Exhibition or Event not ERA eligible    
  J17 Festival ERA eligible   *
  J17n Festival not ERA eligible    
  J18 Other curated event ERA eligible   *
  J18n Other curated event not ERA eligible    
  - Original creative work portfolio   *
  K1 Reports, working & discussion papers published    
  K2 Minor reports available internally    
Legal case
  L1 Legal case    
  M1 Map    
Newspaper or Magazine article
  N1 Newspaper / magazine article    
Other output not elsewhere defined
  O1 Other publication    
  P1 Translation, substantial critical commentary    
  P2 Translation with minimal critical commentary    
  P5 Translation not meeting other criteria    
  T1 Thesis    
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