Guidelines for publishing

In order to ensure that research publications will be eligible for the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC), authors should target the following:

Books and book chapters

Ensure that:

  • publishers are commercial publishers for which the core business is producing books and distributing them for sale. Note that most societies, associations, government departments and international organisations are not commercial publishers
  • books are offered for sale
  • books have ISBNs
  • books display the year of publication
  • if not commercial publisher then peer reviewed.

Journal articles

Ensure that:

  • articles being published have been peer reviewed
  • journals have ISSNs.

Conference papers

  • present the paper at a conference of national or international significance
  • ensure that full papers have been peer reviewed
  • ensure that full papers are published, made widely available, and not limited to attendees at the conference.

Conference organisers

If you are organising a conference or symposium and want the papers presented at the conference to be eligible for HERDC when published, it is helpful to do the following:

  • ensure that the conference is of national or international significance and that there is proof of this e.g. the origin of guests/participants
  • arrange a peer review process for the papers, and ensure that full papers are reviewed (not just abstracts)
  • publish the proceedings in paper or electronic format, and ensure that the proceedings indicate which papers were peer reviewed
  • ensure that the date of publication is listed on the conference proceedings.

Contact the Research Services Division (RSD) by email for further assistance with maximising the HERDC-eligibility of publications.

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