Supporting HDR candidates – COVID-19 information

Duration of candidature (program extensions)

Automatic HDR Program Extensions applied as a special once off process in 2020 to eligible candidates at the time

If the candidate was within the four years of their standard program duration and actively enrolled as at the 30 March 2020 their program was automatically extended for six months through a bulk process effectively extending their program from four years to four and a half years. All eligible HDR candidates were contacted via email to their ANU email address in April or May of 2020 and advised that the program extension was processed with the end date available to view on ISIS. Note candidates whose program extension fell within 2020 and had program extension tuition fees applied were able to request the fees to be waived.

If your candidate was already on an extension of program as at the 30 March 2020 they will have needed to apply for any further program extensions via the Manage My Degree - HDR 'Apply for an extension of program' eForm (the normal process).

Post 30 March 2020 if any candidates have been impacted by COVID-19 and require a further program extension or their first program extension they can also apply through the normal method - via the Manage My Degree - HDR 'Apply for an extension of program' eForm.

Off-shore commencement

If the candidate needs to commence their program while off-shore, they should discuss their current situation with you in the first instance and prepare a detailed plan to ensure they are able to commence their project remotely, including confirming they have adequate resources and provisions to support their research.

If they are able to commence their program they should contact the Graduate Research Office to request external (offshore) status which will require your approval.

Scholarships and emergency financial support

COVID-19 Extension Scholarship

This extension scholarship has been made available since 2020 to assist candidates that commenced prior to the pandemic that have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. The scholarship has recently been extended to allow applications for eligible candidates up to the 1 September 2022. Eligible candidates can apply for this extension scholarship when they are between three and three and a half years (one and a half - two years for MPhil) full-time equivalent, of their HDR program. Candidates will need to document any disruption and its impact through their annual milestones.

Extreme disruption can be demonstrated by indicating the impact on field work, experimentation and data collection that cannot be mitigated or where alternative work cannot continue while restrictions to campus access and travel continue. Extreme disruption would not include the need to re-locate activities off campus where the activities have been available to continue.

If your candidate has had an increase to their caring responsibilities due to periods where they have had to move off-campus, please encourage them to consider using any available existing leave provisions in their scholarship (such as medical/carer's leave) before proceeding with the COVID-19 Extension Scholarship application. Candidates have been advised to check their scholarship Conditions of Award for further details of any applicable paid leave provisions noting that the AGRTP and URS stipend scholarships provide for paid leave of up to 60 days due to medical or caring commitments which can be applied for by completing the Apply for leave eForm via ISIS MMD-HDR.

You can read more information on the COVID-19 Extension Scholarship webpage.

Additional support through PARSA

Additional emergency financial support is available for HDR candidates through PARSA. More information is available on the PARSA Financial Support webpage.