NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies (CTCS) Grants

Funded by: National Health & Medical Research Council

Key information

The objective of the Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants 2019 opportunity is to support high quality clinical trials and cohort studies that address important gaps in knowledge, leading to relevant and implementable findings for the benefit of human health.

This grant opportunity is open to research proposals for clinical trials and/or cohort studies of any size – that is, they may be large or small clinical trials or cohort studies.

Please note that the Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants scheme is not intended to provide ongoing support from NHMRC and grant funding does not support infrastructure costs.

The desired outcomes of the Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant opportunity are improvements in health and well-being, health care practice or policy, as a result of:

• high-quality clinical trials that provide reliable evidence of the effects of health-related interventions on health outcomes (or appropriate surrogates), and/or

• high-quality cohort studies that provide reliable evidence on the relation of important risk factors and other exposures to health-related outcomes.


Getting started


1.  Each College deals with a different volume of applications, offers different services and has a different internal deadline.

  • Contact your College Research Office and advise of your intent to submit an application.
  • Ensure you are informed of internal deadlines and obtain any resources available to support you in preparing your application. 
  • Further information on the NHMRC’s New Grants Program, including Program Changes, the new Grants Management System (Sapphire) and Information Sessions and Workshops can be found here.

2.  Documentation to apply can be found at GrantConnect, the Australian Government grants information system.

External Applicants:  For information on how to apply for the NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence through the Australian National University please contact preaward.rsd@anu.edu.au.


August 2018

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