NHMRC Application Procedures

At The Australian National University, researchers must submit their grant or consultancy applications to their College Research Office. The College Research Office checks and arranges internal approvals and then arranges submission of the application to the funding agency (for some schemes, Research Services coordinates submission of applications after they have been checked by the College Research Office).

Applications that are prepared in accordance with the University's procedures are more likely to be of high quality (and thus more competitive) because they go through a rigorous checking and internal peer-review process.

Following the procedures also avoids unnecessary delays and problems (eg in having applications approved for submission).

How to apply for a research grant or consultancy to be administered by ANU

  1. Consult with Head/Academic Supervisor
  2. Meet with your College Research Office
  3. Prepare draft application and send to College Research Office
  4. Revise application and forward final version to College Research Office
  5. What happens next?
    • If the Funding Organisation/Client advises you directly about the outcome of the application, you must copy that advice to your College Research Office immediately
    • If the application is successful, your College Research Office will discuss the acceptance process with you
    • If the application is unsuccessful, your College Research Office might be able to provide you with advice that may assist you with future applications.

Updated July 2018.

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