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The European Research Council (ERC) was born in 2007 with the goal to encourage high quality research in Europe through competitive funding. Australians are eligible and encouraged to apply for the below listed grants. The ERC grants are less complicated than other FP7 schemes and only require a single lead investigator. It does not require collaboration or networks.

In October 2013, Professor Donald Dingwell, Secretary General of the ERC visited Australia and New Zealand and gave a presentation with the aim to promote the ERC to the area. At the event Professor Dingwell outlined the types of funding on offer from the ERC, these are broken up in to two groups, Fellowships and Other. To view the slides from the presentation or to listen to the audio recording please visit the Centre for European Studies event page.

Note: Researchers from outside Europe looking to apply for one of the following awards can keep affiliation with home institute (outside Europe) permitted that "significant part" of work is completed in Europe, at least 50%.


  • Starting Grants - Supports up-and-coming researcher leaders.
    • 2-7 years experience after PhD
    • Grants up to EUR 1,500,000
    • Grant duration up to 5 years
  • Consolidator Grants - Supports mid-career research leaders.
    • 7-12 years experience after PhD
    • Grants up to EUR 2,000,000
    • Grant duration up to 5 years
  • Advanced Grants - Supports established research leaders.
    • Track-record of signifigant research acheivements in the last 10 years
    • Grants up to EUR 2,500,000
    • Grant duration up to 5 years


ERC deadlines


ERC has separate annual deadlines for submitting applications for each of their grants:

Award type Closing dates*
Starting Grants 18 Oct 2016
Consilidator Grants 9 Feb 2017
Advanced Grants 31 Aug 2017
Proof of Concept 19 Jan 2017
25 Apr 2017
5 Sep 2017

*Closing dates listed above reflect the expected ERC calendar and are subject to change.

Updated September 2016.

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