European COST Travel Scheme

Funded by: The Australian National University

AAS-ANU European COST Travel Grants

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe.

The ANU partnered with the Australian Academy of Science to support ANU researchers participating in COST Actions. The scheme was one of several initiatives outlined in the ANU European Strategy aimed at strengthening large-scale research collaborations in Europe, as a key mechanism to increase ANU researchers' participation in international research initiatives funded by Horizon 2020, European Research Council, and related schemes and programmes.

This funding scheme has now closed. Management of reporting requirements on grants previously awarded in the scheme will be undertaken by the Office of the DVCR


Funding & Eligibility

Current ANU academic staff who are members of a COST Action (see section below) will be eligible to receive a grant of up to AUD $7,000 to participate in activities of COST Actions (e.g. meetings, short-term scientific missions, summer schools, training schools, etc). The grant will cover expenses such as a return economy airfare(s), accommodation, transport and daily living allowances up to $220 per day.

The grant is specifically to be used to cover participation in one or more COST Action activities (for example, the grant can be carried over two international trips). ANU researchers can submit applications in any year of the COST Action that they are involved in (in other words, as soon as the COST Action has been awarded by COST, or in Years 2 or 3 of the COST Action. Researchers are not eligible to join a COST Action in year 4, the last year of the Action).   

Becoming a member of a COST Action

ANU researchers should contact the Chair of the relevant COST Action: The Chair will outline a process to formalise membership. As part of this process you can seek an invitation to participate in a specific meeting/workshop/conference, pursuant to the travel grant application. A further reference document on engaging with COST Actions is available for ANU users: Engaging with the EU COST Action Programme.


Participants will be required to submit an initial report within one month of the conclusion of the visit, and a final report 12 months after conclusion of the visit. The reports will include reference to the benefits of:

  • access to global science facilities, including gaining access to equipment and data that may not be available in Australia;
  • development of international staff and PhD student exchanges related;
  • facilitation of long term international collaborations;
  • number of joint papers, presentations, other outcomes
  • potential new funding opportunities identified in the short or long term, with specific reference to Horizon 2020 and European Research Commissions

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