ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) for funding commencing in 2019

Funded by: Australian Research Council

Key information

The Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme fosters collaboration through its support of the cooperative use of national and international research facilities. Essentially, the scheme provides funding for large-scale cooperative initiatives so that expensive infrastructure, equipment and facilities can be shared by researchers in partnered organisations. However, the ARC may fund single-organisation proposals in some circumstances.

Getting started

  1. Contact your College Research Office to advise them of your intent to submit an application

    Each College deals with a different volume of applications, offers different services and has a different internal deadline. Please contact your College Research Office as soon as possible to ensure that you are informed of internal deadlines and recieve any resources that are available to support you in preparing your application. Please note: All communication with the ARC must be done through the Research Services Division so please contact your College if you have any questions.

  2. Start your proposal in ARC's Research Management Sysytem (RMS)

    To ensure that you receive any updates from the ARC about this scheme please start a proposal under LE18 in RMS. Please note that you must enter the ANU as the Administering Organisation in section A1 of the application. If you do not have an RMS account please request a new account.

  3. Submit a request for DVC-R&I Strategic Research Funds (if required)

    Applications for DVC-R&I strategic funds are due 22 February 2018. Please contact your College Research Office to obtain the relevant forms and guidelines.

Strategic Research Funds

Principles and Criteria

ANU-led. Strategic Research Funds may be up to 25% of the total direct cost of an ANU-led LIEF application. SRF commitments are capped to $400,000 unless discussed directly between the College Dean and DVC-R&I.

Externally-led. Cash contributions to externally-led ARC LIEF applications are limited, and conditional on a fair and equitable return on investment to the university through cash and/or access to that equipment. The University’s commitment should be consistent with other partners on the bid. For external projects where no cash comes to ANU, 1:1 matching of the strategic university funding by other areas of the university will be required.

Leveraging. The ARC will fund a maximum of 75% of the project costs. In a constrained environment, ANU should aim not over-commit cash to projects beyond what is required for eligibility and competitiveness. For ANU-led bids:

  • The ARC request should be at least 60% of the total project costs (including all ANU and partner contributions).
  • ANU should not commit more than one-third of the total cash project costs taking into account all ARC and partner contributions
  • This includes leveraging MEC awards as cash commitments to LIEF bids

The strategic contribution from SRF supporting ANU-led bids may be reduced to reflect the parameters above and normalise the overall level of ANU cash commitment.

Late changes to budgets. Late changes to projects in the lead-up to submission can lead to a redistribution of the budget. The ANU strategic leverage of 25% is approved is an “up-to” dollar value calculated on final total costs.

  • If total costs decrease, please ensure the ANU contribution is also adjusted down.
  • If total costs increase, and urgent changes are required, contact

For external projects, if the project, partners or cash leverage change significantly, please contact

For Research Administrators

Process and Timeline

22 January 2018

LIEF applications open in RMS

25 January 2018

Central EOI deadline – EOIs should include the following information if known: LE19 ID; Title; names of CIs and Partner Institutions; total cost / ARC request.

25 January 2018

Strategic Research Funds early round submission deadline

3 February 2018

Confirmation of Strategic Research Fund in-principle outcomes

8 February 2018

LIEF EOI information shared with external Universities for planning

22 February 2018

Strategic Research Funds late round submission deadline – final date for consideration for central funds. (For clarity, applications can still be made to the ARC)

27 February 2018

Confirmation of Strategic Research Fund in-principle outcomes

28 March 2018

LIEF application submission deadline

All submissions should be made to Research Services at

Research Services Division and the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) (DVC-R&I) will assess applications against these parameters as part of forming recommendations to the DVC-R&I. The assessment will be based on draft budgets provided as part of the SRF application. College Research Offices and College Finance Offices are not expected to check against these parameters as part of compliance checking, however any major changes to budget model after approval of in-principle strategic funds should be discussed with the DVC-R&I Office.

Updated January 2018.


Strategic Research Funds Documents

Please complete the Template and complete the budget in the attached spreadsheet. Colleges can submit multiple budgets within one spreadsheet.

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