ARC Centres of Excellence 2020

Funded by: Australian Research Council

ARC Centres of Excellence (CoEs) are a prestigious and highly competitive funding scheme, established to support ground breaking, multi-disciplinary research in areas of national significance, with a focus on strengthening and developing Australia's international competitiveness.

Successful CoE research programs are highly collaborative in nature, and commence with committed multi-institutional, multi-sector partners domestically and internationally.

Each CoE is led by a Director who is a world-class researcher with demonstrated leadership and mentoring capacity. To be competitive, prospective Centre Directors should be high profile, with an international reputation in the field of research. They should have extensive research leadership experience, demonstrating a capacity to lead programs. The Centre Director is expected to work predominantly on the activities of the Centre.

ANU timeline

The timeline for the ANU Notification of Intent (NoI) to submit is shown under Key dates. A link to the template for the NoI can be found in the reference document panel. All NoIs should be submitted by 10am on Monday the 11th of Dec to ANU Centres of Excellence This includes ANU-led bids and bids led by other universities

ARC submission deadlines and funding rules have yet to be confirmed. A DRAFT Timeline for the EOI application process is available in the reference document panel. The Timeline will be updated when confirmation is received from the ARC.

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