ARC Centres of Excellence

Funded by: Australian Research Council

ARC Centres of Excellence (CoEs) are a prestigious and highly competitive funding scheme, established to support ground breaking, multi-disciplinary research in areas of national significance, with a focus on strengthening and developing Australia's international competitiveness.

Successful CoE research programs are highly collaborative in nature, and commence with committed multi-institutional, multi-sector partners domestically and internationally.

Each CoE is led by a Director who is a world-class researcher with demonstrated leadership and mentoring capacity. To be competitive, prospective Centre Directors should be high profile, with an international reputation in the field of research. They should have extensive research leadership experience, demonstrating a capacity to lead programs. The Centre Director is expected to work predominantly on the activities of the Centre.

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Typical ARC Timeline (previous round: CE20)

  • Release of Grant Guidelines: 22 May 2018
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI)
    • Application period: 25 May 2018 to 4 July 2018
    • Request Not to Assess Close: 20 June 2018
    • Rejoinder period: 28 August 2018 - 6 September 2018  
  • Full Application 
    • Application period: 12 October 2018 to 19 December 2018
    • Rejoinder period: 22 March 2019 to 3 April 2019
    • Interviews: 28 May 2019 – 31 May 2019
  • Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2019








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