NSW Cancer Institute Early-Career Fellowships

Funded by: Cancer Institute NSW, AU

The Cancer Institute NSW invites applications for its early career fellowships. These provide salary and project support to encourage early career researchers to choose cancer as their selected field of research endeavour and continue independent research that is nationally and internationally competitive. Successful applicants will conduct team-based research to develop expertise in cancer research, and may also work with more senior colleagues in developing their research career. There are two categories of fellowships available:

  • full-time cancer researcher;
  • active cancer clinician researcher, which can be awarded on a full time or part time basis.

Researchers with no more than five years post-doctoral experience at the time of application and that can demonstrate substantial ability and potential as a future cancer research leader, may apply. Applicants from NSW, interstate and non Australian citizens, or non permanent residents, are eligible. Applications must nominate an administering institution, responsible for managing the grant, which must be registered with the Cancer Institute NSW. Applicants must be located at a university, hospital or research institution located in NSW. Applicants must reside in NSW for the duration of the grant.

Fellowships are worth up to AU$200,000 per year over a maximum of three years.

Updated September 2016

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