NHMRC variations

The NHMRC has a Grantee Variation section of Research Grant Management System (RGMS) that allows researchers to submit grant variations. The process is initiated by the researcher, who completes and submits the variation request to the College Research Office (CRO) in the following manner:

  • Researcher raises variation request on RGMS;
  • CRO checks the variation and the request letter, and arranges for the required supporting documentation;
  • When completed, the CRO notifies Research Services (by emailing nhmrc@anu.edu.au) that there is a variation to be reviewed and sent to NHMRC;
  • Research Services reviews the variation and checks that it is ready to send - if the variation contains all the appropriate information the variation will be certified and submitted. If further information is required Research Services will follow up with the CRO;
  • Research Services logs variation and monitors RGMS/RAO inbox for outcome;
  • If any issues arise from the variation Research Services will follow up with the CRO.

Note: Further details will be provided in the near future on NHMRC Variation Types and RGMS Information.

Updated September 2016.

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