NHMRC Early Career Fellowships

Funded by: National Health & Medical Research Council

The NHMRC Early Career Fellowships scheme providesopportunities for Australian researchers to undertake research that is both of major importance in its field and of benefit to Australian health. Early Career Fellowships provide for training in basic research either in Australia or overseas (where appropriate), to enable Fellows to work on research projects with nominated advisers.

Awards are offered to a limited number of persons of outstanding ability who wish to make research a significant component of their career.

Categories of awards

  • CJ Martin Fellowship
  • Neil Hamilton Fellowship
  • Sidney Sax Fellowship
  • INSERM Exchange Fellowship
  • Australia-China Exchange Fellowship
  • Peter Doherty Fellowship
  • Clinical Research Australian Fellowship
  • Public Health Australian Fellowship
  • Health Professional Research Training Fellowship
  • Australian Research Training Fellowships Part-time
  • Primary Health Care Australian Fellowship
  • Training Fellowship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research
  • Co-funded Fellowships

Details of the above listed categories can be found on the NHMRC webpage for Early Career Fellowships.

For further information surrounding NHMRC Funding Schemes Deadlines, please visit the NHMRC Funding Calendar

Other NHMRC Funding Opportunities include:

  • European Union Collaborative Research Grants
  • Centres of Research Excellence
  • Development Grants
  • NIH Brain Collaborative Research Grants
  • Research Fellowships
  • Practitioner Fellowships
  • NHMRC - NIH Brain Collaborative Research Grants
  • Career Development Fellowship
  • Partnership Projects
  • Northern Australia Tropical Disease Collaborative Research Programme
  • Program Grants
  • Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) 
  • Postgraduate Scholarships

Updated September 2016.

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