NHMRC acceptance procedures

NHMRC Acceptance Pack

Part 1 to Research Services

  1. Template Acceptance memo 
  2. Schedule for Project 
  3. Ethics Clearance form - including copies of the original ethics approvals 
  4. Annual Report Consent form - including signatures from all investigators 

Part 2 to SPF and ARIES:

  1. Schedule for Project 
  2. Letter of Offer 
  3. NHMRC Funding Agreement
  4. RO-AC2: ANU Agreement to Manage ARC/NHMRC Grant form


  1. It is suggested that you meet with each successful Chief Investigator to discuss:
    • any changes to the project
    • variations required
    • proposed commencement date
    • any changes in eligibility of investigators
    • other pre-commencement requirements (eg. ethics clearances, special requirements/conditions for appointing Fellows)
    • review and re-scoping of the budget
    • how to accept and manage their research grant.
  2. Prepare the relevant acceptance documentation
  3. Send Part 1 of NHMRC Acceptance Pack (items 1-3 above) to Research Services
  4. Send Part 2 of NHMRC Acceptance Pack (items 1-4 above) to Special Purpose Funds (SPF) along with:
  • SPF Checklist/Request for a Dept ID of Project/Grant
  • Copy of the application.

Variations or other changes to the grant (including deferred commencement) should be dealt with using the normal Variation procedures.

Updated September 2016.

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