Industrial Transformation Training Centres

Funded by: Australian Research Council

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres

This information is based on Industrial Transformation Training Centres for funding 2016.

Scheme Objectives

  1. Foster opportunities for Higher Degree by Research candidates and postdoctoral fellows to pursue industrial training and to enhance competitive research in collaboration between universities and organisations outside the Australian higher education sector
  2. Strengthen Australia's Industrial Transformation Priorities to supplement the needs of industries and other research end-users.

Funding Available

Pursuant to subsection Funding Rules Clause B6.1.1, a Proposal may seek a minimum of $500,000 and up to $1 million per year from the ARC.

Partner Org Requirements and Cash

  • A Proposal must include at least one Australian Partner Organisation
    • Partner Orgs must not be a University or AIATSIS; or a controlled entity or more than 50% owned by Universities/AIATSIS.
    • Partner Orgs must have evidence of new or on-going collaboration with the Admin Org,
  • The Proposal must demonstrate that the combined Partner Organisation(s) eligible contributions for a Proposal (i.e. the total of the cash and/or in-kind eligible contributions of the Partner Organisations) must at least match the total funding requested from the ARC.

  • The Partner Org contributions must not duplicate Commonwealth funding for the projects/activities

  • The proposal should outline collaborative arrangements including how the Project fits into each Partner Org's overall strategic plan and how the Project is of value to each Partner Org.

Selection Criteria

  • Proposed Project - 30%
  • Feasibility and Benefit - 30%
  • Capacity and Commitment from Partner Organisation(s) - 20%
  • Investigators - 20%

ANU Process

Further details will be communicated as timelines for the scheme are announced.

Updated September 2016

Partner Organisations