Once the acceptance of the project/grant has been finalised and an account established the grant/funding commences in accordance with the executed agreement/contract. The next step is management and monitoring of the grant.

Management of the grant

The following is a summary of the main steps of the project/grant management procedures that College/Local areas need to consider in relation to internal processes and managing their research:

  • the grant is managed by College/Local Area
  • academic milestone reports are prepared by researcher and collected by College/Local Area
  • reports are forwarded to Agency by RO (which will seek ANU endorsement when required) or by College/Local Area (with copy to RO for attachment to master file)
  • financial reports prepared by SPF who liaises with College/Local Area.

Variations of grant conditions

Requests of variations submitted to Funding Agency as per same ANU procedures and delegations than for the acceptance stage - see the variation procedures section for detailed information.

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