ARC final reports

A Final Report is due within six or twelve months of the final expenditure or research activity on the grant (refer to the relevant Funding Agreement for the due date). They are submitted through the College Research Offices, who by approving the report on the ARC Research Management System (RMS) are certifying that the ANU has approved for submission of the report to the ARC.

Final Reports for project funded under the Discovery Program (DP, DECRA, FF, FL, IN), Linkage Program (CE, LIEF, LP, LX) and earlier ARC programs (IRD, IREX, LRG, LX, RF, RIEF, SPIRT) are completed and submitted through RMS under the Chief Investigator's/Fellow's log-in. A template for each Project will be available on RMS by the Final Report due date for that Project. A template may be requested should the Chief Investigator wish to submit a Final Report earlier than this date. It should be kept in mind, however, that the ARC has provided the 6-12 month deadline for the Final Report so researchers can finalise Project publications and collect associated Peer Review information. 

Final Reports for all Centres are required within six months of completion of Projects, using the proformas found at ARC Final Reports. This report is emailed to the ARC.

To note: An ARC Final Report:

  • must be consistent with the original application. If minor variations have been made they must be reported. If the ARC has approved variations, the report must be consistent with the approved variations.
  • should not make derogatory remarks about any person or organisation (including co-investigators, The Australian National University or the ARC).
  • addresses financial as well as research matters, and must not be submitted if there is still expenditure pending on the Project.
  • must detail outcomes to date and any further expected outcomes (indicated as such).
  • must be saved on ARIES as part of the audit trail.


Overdue Final Reports

All investigators on ARC Projects should be aware that the ARC notes if a Final Report is late or unsatisfactory. The ARC can take this into account in the assessment of future applications by any of the named investigators on the Project. Researchers should note that new applications under any ARC program may be deemed ineligible if a Final Report is outstanding.

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