Technical Coordinator Contacts in your Area

July 2021
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Defence Trade Control Technical Coordinators

Research School of Physics

Prof. Timothy Senden, Director

Prof. Elena Ostrovskaya, Associate Director Research                

Material Physics

Prof. Jodie Bradby, Head of Department

Quantum Science & Technology

Prof. Andrew Truscott, Head of Department

Electronic Materials Engineering

Prof. Lan Fu, Head of Department

Fundamental & Theoretical Physics

Prof. Cédric Simenel, Head of Department

Nuclear Physics & Accelerator Applications

Prof. Andrew Stuchbery, Head of Department

Research School of Biology

Prof. Stefan Broer

Farid Rahimi, Senior Technical Officer

The Fenner School of Environment and Society

Prof Saul Cunningham

Research School of Earth Sciences

Prof. Trevor Ireland, Assoc. Director (School Projects)

Research School of Psychology

A/Prof. Mark Edwards

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Prof. Graham Mann, Director

Centre for Advanced Microscopy

Dr Melanie Rug, Centre Manager

Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Dr Roger Haynes, Technical Manager

Research School of Chemistry

Prof. Colin Jackson, Senior Research Officer

Research School of Computer Science

Prof. Marcus Hutter

School of Engineering


National Computational Infrastructure

Brian Davis, HPC Infrastructure Project Manager


Research Services Division Contacts

Dr Douglas Robertson, Director, Research Services


Dr Suzanne Fowler, Research Services


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