Defence Strategic Goods List

The DSGL is "the list that specifies the goods, software or technology that is regulated when exported, suppled, brokered or published and is compiled of military and commercial goods and technologies that Australia regulates."  The list is agreed with members of international non-proliferation and export control regimes.  Part 1 lists military items.  Part 2 lists dual use items that may be developed for commercial and research purposes but can also be weaponised in some way.

Items listed on the DGSL can be exempted under certain circumstances.  These are

  • "In the public domain";
  • "basic scientific research"
  • "the minimum necessary information for patent applications" or
  • "medical equipment specially designed for medical end-use that incorporates an item controlled in Part 2 of the DSGL"


DSGL Categories


DSGL Page Number

Category 0 - Nuclear Materials


Category 1 - Materials, Chemical, Micro‐organisms and Toxins


Category 2 - Materials Processing


Category 3 - Electronics


Category 4 - Computers


Category 5 - Telecommunications and Information Security


Category 6 - Sensors and Lasers


Category 7 - Navigation and Avionics


Category 8 - Marine


Category 9 - Aerospace and Propulsion



Supply of Regulated DSGL Items (Military or Dual Use Technology)

Supply of controlled military technology (Part 1 of DSGL) will require an export permit.

Supply of controlled dual-use technology (Part 2 of DSGL) will require an export permit.

Intangible supply is when a person in Australia provides DSGL technology in a non-physical form to another person outside of Australia.  It includes providing access to DSGL technology.  Supply must occur across Australia's borders.  Supply of these technologies wholly outside Australia may be subject to other countries' export control regulations. 


Publication of Controlled Military or Dual Use Technology

Publishing controlled military technology (Part 1 of DSGL) will require approval by Minister of Defence or her delegate.  This includes any publication of military DSGL technology within or outside Australia.

Publishing controlled dual-use technology (Part 2 of DSGL) does not require approval.


Exemptions to the Offence to Supply DSGL Technology

  • Verbal Supply such as telephone conversations, video conferences.
  • Pre-publication supply
  • Supply to government and security agency employees
  • Supply by government and security agency employee

The Defence Export Control (DEC) has developed a self-assessment online DSGL tool to assist you to determine whether or not you will require a permit from DECO.  Go to tool for further guidance on how to use.  Results of online tool can be saved or printed for your records and should be submitted with any consequent application for advice/activity assessment or export permit to DECO. 

Applications for intangible export permits for current research projects exposed to the legislation and that will go beyond 2 April 2016 and those that will begin after 2 April 2016 can be made now through the Research Services Division.



Two acts to be aware of in the context of research activities are the Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011 (Cth) and regulations and the Charter of the United National Act

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