COVID-19 Updates (Human Ethics)

How does COVID-19 affect my research?
The University Research Continuity Working Group is assessing the impact of COVID-19 on ANU research. Please refer to the University COVID-19 ethics advice and check the COVID-19 news page regularly for updates.

Updated 27 July 2020

The ANU Human Research Ethics Committee (and delegated committees) are working hard with the Research Ethics Team to keep to our usual application review cycles, based on the usual submission deadlines.

Please keep in mind that:

  • Not all Committees are running at full capacity. We request that applicants are polite and patient during the submission and review process - Committee members are your fellow colleagues.
  • Due to the ever-changing nature of the current situation and the increased risk environment for research participants, the review of applications is taking longer and there may be delays in the review of your application. Every effort will be made to communicate delays directly with applicants.

Priority will continue to be given to applications/variations that:

  1. Are required for research directly related to COVID, or
  2. Are essential variations to existing protocols that will minimise risk/distress to participants.

In order for these priority submissions to be actioned appropriately, please email to alert the Ethics Team ahead of submission, and include “Priority Submission” in the subject line.

For more information on human ethics considerations during COVID-19 please see the central ANU Funding, ethics and regulations advice – this includes details on the following:

  • Restarting face-to-face research
  • Blanket variations
  • Student projects
  • Indigenous research

Please continue to follow all hygiene and social distancing guidelines, and always keep the changing situation and your participants' wellbeing in mind as you plan your research.

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