COVID-19 Updates (Animal Ethics)

Updated 27/07/2020


A guide to re-starting animal based research

A set of guidelines and a checklist have been developed to assist with restarting animal based research effectively. The guidelines were developed in close consultation with animal facility managers and aim to ensure consideration has been given to maintaining high levels of animal welfare during the re-start period. Please note that you are not required to submit the checklist or other documentation related to the re-start to the Ethics Office - this will be managed via processes within your School.


Veterinary Oversight

Whether veterinary oversight is a condition of your ethics approval, or you’re looking to refine your practices with veterinary input, the Veterinary Services Team are available to assist you.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, social distancing restrictions must be adhered to. Prior to the veterinarians attending for planned oversight activities, please ensure that you have assessed the proposed work area with your local area contact responsible for assessing and approving the safe occupancy of the required work space (this refers to the 1.5m distancing between individuals and the space in the room of 4m2 per individual). If the safe occupancy and social distancing requirements cannot be met you will need to consult your local WH&S advisor; the completion of a risk assessment that includes additional controls such as personal protective equipment (PPE) may be sufficient in minimising risks. Evidence that the required assessments have been undertaken must be provided to the veterinary team in full and where additional equipment is required, such as PPE, the research group must provide this. Adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions does not negate the need to arrange veterinary oversight where it is a condition of an AEEC approval.

The ANU procedure for managing Unexpected Adverse Events remains unchanged, please phone the vets as usual on the emergency number 6125 1130 ASAP. They will work with you quickly to ensure social distancing requirements can be met while they undertake any urgent assessments of animal wellbeing.


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