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The rDNA officer, within the Research Services Division, provides administrative support for the University Recombinant DNA Monitoring Committee

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If you require guidance on the use of physical containment facilities, monitoring requirements, or applications to undertake work with GMOs, please come to a Research Ethics Drop-In Session to get personalised assistance. Alternatively, you can email or phone (02) 6125 1162.

Local Area Liaison Officers

Your Local Area Liaison Officer (LALO) is your school-based contact for issues relating to working in certified facilities and rDNA monitoring at ANU. See the table below to find their contact details.

Their role is to strengthen communication between the committee, staff, researchers and students, to help ensure your facilities comply with the Guidelines for physical containment facilities, and ensure research is conducted in line with the requirements of the Gene Technology Act and Gene Technology Regulations.

Area Liaison Officer
Canberra Hospital

Ian Allsop

John Curtin School of Medical Research

Holly Burke 

Centre for Advanced Microscopy 

Daryl Webb

Australian Phenomics Facility

Simon Merten

Research School of Biology - Biomedical Science & Biochemistry / Technical Support

Farid Rahimi and Mel Nolch

Research School of Biology - Plant Sciences

Stephanie McCaffery

Research School of Biology - Plant Growth Facilities

Christine Larsen 

Kioloa Coastal Campus

Shane Paul

About the Committee

The Gene Technology Regulator requires all organisations undertaking certain dealings with GMOs to be formally accredited. Accredited organisations must have the resources and the internal processes in place to enable them to effectively work with GMOs. This includes having (or having access to) an established and appropriately constituted Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

The University Recombinant DNA Monitoring Committee is the name of the IBC for ANU and the ACT Health Directorate. The committee includes experts from various disciplines across ANU, who review, monitor and advise on all ANU GM work. It helps these institutions to manage risks that may be associated with dealings with GMOs, including containment of GMOs, and to review applications from researchers within ANU colleges for dealings involving GMOs. The committee also issues newsletters with updates for researchers after each of their meetings (see the right-hand sidebar for past issues of the newsletter).

To get in contact with the committee or submit an application for review, please email

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