Participant Information Sheet

2018 Administrative Services Survey


In 2013, the University commenced an annual Administrative Services Survey to assist in identifying the full range of customer satisfaction with our administrative services. Results of the survey are used to:

  • identify service improvement opportunities
  • provide data to inform decision making
  • prioritise projects and activities
  • review improvements annually.


ANU Strategic Plan 2017-2021 identified ‘Building a Culture of Collegiality & Engagement’ as a key initiative for strategies for change. Over the last few years, various activities have provided high-level evidence for the need to improve service levels. These activities have included administrative reviews (2012-2013), the Deloitte review (2012), Administrative Services Survey (2013-2017), Harnessing Service Improvement (2013), the UniForum benchmarking project (2011-2017) and the University Services Feedback system released this year.

This survey aims to complement other administrative surveys and reviews by providing a more detailed comparative analysis. The survey results will be used to inform and prioritise service improvement activities including: identifying improvement opportunities, improving future performance and ultimately providing high quality, targeted services to administration users. The data from this survey has been, and will continue to be, used to drive a range of service improvements at ANU.

This report will inform performance of the implemented changes and assist in identifying where to focus next in improving administration. It is intended that the survey continue to run annually to review improvements across administrative functions.

The Service Improvement Group and the Planning and Performance Measurement Division are joint business owners of the Administrative Services Survey, coordinating the logistics and refinement, administration and reporting of the survey.  

Benefits to participants

Participants in this project will have the opportunity to inform service improvement across ANU. Results from previous years have been the catalyst for many of the changes and ongoing improvement efforts that have occurred over the past 12 months. Results have helped:

  • Implement a new system (Concur) to automate expense management, streamlining manual purchase card acquittal and approval processes.
  • Introduce outdoor wireless in a range of key locations, particularly open spaces.
  • Further investment and improvement to ANU Service Desk processes to improve customer experience.
  • Progression of a two year Data Integration Program to integrate the University's complex IT systems.
  • Drive new and improved paid parental and paid partner leave arrangements.
  • Improvements to management of leave across campus, including excess leave balances.
  • Initiate development of eForms in Finance, Higher Degree Research administration and Facilities and Services.
  • Development of University Services Feedback system to capture feedback anytime.
  • Further improvements to online delegations system.


The 2018 survey will be distributed on 4 June to staff in the following positions within the University: Professional staff ANU08 level and above, and Academics A to E (randomly selected) to enable a 50:50 split across the staff categories. Participating staff are encouraged to complete the survey to assist in driving effective and efficient services that meet the needs of our customers. Participants will have two weeks to complete the questionnaire.

Confidentiality and anonymity

Responses to this survey are completely anonymous. No individually identifying information is linked to responses in the survey system, which includes email address or IP address of the survey respondent. This is why participants are requested to include their classification and broad location in their responses. ANU also cannot identify who in the total survey population has completed survey responses to further ensure anonymity of respondents. Any names or identifying features included in free-text will be removed before being published. 

Raw data will be stored securely and access will be restricted to the Planning and Performance Measurement team and the Service Improvement Group at ANU.

Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that individual participants cannot be identified in any subsequent reporting (e.g. qualitative responses will be de-identified where necessary, quantitative reporting will be suppressed for subgroups with a sample of five people or less).

Risks to participants

The survey uses non-invasive questions to ask participants about their views on the delivery of administrative services across ANU. This risk to participants is assessed as very low.


This survey has been developed by the Service Improvement Group and the Planning and Performance Measurement team. This exercise is sponsored by the Chief Operating Officer.

There are no agencies external to the ANU involved in the conduct of this project, and this activity does not form the basis of academic research.

Ongoing feedback

The Administrative Services Survey occurs once a year, however, we encourage you to provide feedback throughout the year. If you would like to provide feedback on any ANU service at any time, you can do so through the University Services Feedback system. Go to University Services Feedback page for more information.


For further information about this survey, for further information about this project, please contact the Service Improvement Group (, or alternatively the Evaluations Team, Planning and Performance Measurement (

Support services

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