Internal mail run

21 August 2015


With many of the University processes now electronic, rather than being paper based, I was wondering if their were any benefits in reducing the 'internal'(DHL) mail run from twice per day to once per day?Just an idea for consideration.


DHL are the  University's contracted mail and courier service provider and currently provide two (2) mail runs a day.These two (2) mail runs have different primary functions: 

  • the morning run primarily distributes mail with the secondary function of collecting internal mail; and 
  • the afternoon run primarily collects outgoing mail with the secondary function of delivering internal mail (collected that morning).

Under our contracted arrangement with DHL, we have the flexibility to adjust the number of runs to specific areas e.g. some areas only require a single daily delivery whilst others require three (3). 

It should be noted that the quantity of incoming, outgoing and internal mail at a University-wide level is monitored by the University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO).  We observed a significant decrease in outgoing mail between 2001 and 2011, however internal and incoming mail remained relatively consistent. Since then all mail has fluctuated within a normal range and has not trended downwards. For example, between 2012 and 2013 we observed a decrease in outgoing mail of approximately 8%, however internal mail saw a 6% increase. The decreased outgoing mail does not represent a significant enough portion of all mail to warrant an adjustment to the mail runs at this time.

We are committed to ensuring that mail services best meet the needs of the University and as such, we will continue to monitor mail levels.  In addition we will engage with customers over the next four (4) months to assess satisfaction with the current service and the appetite to reduce the number of mail runs in 2016. 

If there are specific areas that feel their mail needs are either not being met or are being exceeded, we ask that they please contact to discuss.