5 August 2015


Introduction of an e-procurement tool for non-mandatory purchases, such as scientific consumables and other regular day-to-day consumables.The benefits would be (i) the streamlining of purchasing practices across campus, (ii) to encourage end users to source their consumables from the most appropriate supplier (not just the supplier that they have always used in the past - irrespective of price) and (iii) the ability to accurately report on what type of purchases are being made and from whom, which should make negotiating future contracts simpler and more cost effective for the University.


The University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO) is currently researching e-procurement systems which includes meeting with suppliers, looking at what other Universities and Organisations are doing and undertaking market research into best practice and emerging technologies. From this work UPCO will develop an e-procurement roadmap. This roadmap will be finalised through socialisation with key stakeholders (including Colleges and Services Divisions) for tabling to the Executive.In addition to exploring e-procurement opportunities, UPCO are currently finalising the procurement process for the implementation of an e-tendering system.  An e-tendering system will allow the University to: 

  • electronically release both open and limited approaches to the market (i.e Request for Tenders (RFTs), Expressions of Interest (EOIs), Request for Proposals (RFPs etc)
  • receive submissions electronically from industry (i.e. Tenders, Proposals, Expressions etc)
  • electronically manage the release stage of the procurement process including monitoring documentation  downloads, post amendments, manage questions and answers and closure of the procurement process. 

It should be noted that these initiatives must be balanced with other strategic change initiatives across the University.